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--==\ Emulators /==--
Emulator Zone

--==\ Newb and not sure where to start? /==--
Download this full Install and get everything that you need!

--==\ General Manger Apps /==--
TSB Manager 1.3
TSB Tool Supreme (site)
TSB Manager 2000
TSB General Manager
Tecmo Hack Setter (site)
Editing Programs Link
--==\ TSB Roms /==--
TSB Roms Collection <=== last update: 11/16/2014
TSB Save States
--==\ Playbook Manipulation /==--
Tecmo Super Bowl Playbook Maker
Play Book Editor Swapper Beta 3
TSB Playmaker (link)
Playbook Hackers Guide
--==\ Documents & Guides for TSB /==--
Tecmo Super Bowl Instructions (actual scan)
Tecmo Super Bowl Game Guide
Strategy Guide
Personnel Guide
TSB GameGenie Codes
Greatest Tecmo Story Ever (language)
Team Values
Attribute Guide
--==\ Graphic and Specific Editing /==--
Tecmo Sim Editor
Roster Extractor
Endzone Editor
TSB Helmet Editor v0.10
TSB NCAA Ultimate Editing Super Pack
How to edit large helmets
Directory of Hacking Documents
Editing FAQs, Spreadheets, Tutorials
How to create animated GIFs
--==\ Links /==--
Tecmo Super Bowl.com
TecmoBowl.org (Repository Forums)
Play Tecmo Super Bowl now
Tecmo Builders
Gridiron Heros

--==\ Programming Apps /==--
Tile Editor
TileEd 2002
IPS Patches & Software
HxD Hex Editor (site)
Tile Layer Pro
--==\ Leagues, Circuits & Tournaments /==--
Tecmo Players Circuit (tecmoplayers.com)
Tecmo World (tecmo.us)
Tecmo Madison


--==\ Other /==--
Nintendo Power featured article
Tecmo Super Bowl Ringtones
How to play online video
Retro Zone
Tecmo Super Bowl Audio files
Tecmo Super Bowl Fonts
Picture of Tecmo Stadium (1024 x 768)
Mort’s Tecmo College
TSB Prototype Info
TSB Player Ratings Android App
GUIDE: Get Started Playing TSB Online Tutorial
This is the BEST NES controller for your CPU/Bluetooth


--==\ Other Editors - Utilities - Players /==--
Tecmo Draft (28-team roms only)
Tecmo Draft (32-team roms only)
TSB Ultra

--==\ Contact - Suggestions Welcome /==--

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