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--==\ Emulators /==--
Emulator Zone
Nestopia (old)
Mesen Emulator

--==\ Newb and not sure where to start? /==--
Download this full Install and get everything that you need!

--==\ General Manger Apps /==--
TSB Manager 1.3
TSB Tool Supreme
TSB Manager 2000
TSB General Manager
Tecmo Hack Setter

--==\ TSB Roms /==--
TSB Roms Collection <=== last update: *NEW UPDATE OVER 350 Tecmo Super Bowl Roms 8/4/2020.   
TSB Save States

--==\ Playbook Manipulation /==--
Tecmo Super Bowl Playbook Maker
Play Book Editor Swapper Beta 3
Playbook Hackers Guide
--==\ Documents & Guides for TSB /==--
Tecmo Super Bowl Instructions (actual scan)
Tecmo Super Bowl Game Guide
Strategy Guide
Personnel Guide
TSB GameGenie Codes
Greatest Tecmo Story Ever (language)
Team Values
Attribute Guide
--==\ Graphic and Specific Editing /==--
Tecmo Sim Editor
Roster Extractor
Endzone Editor
TSB Helmet Editor v0.10
TSB NCAA Ultimate Editing Super Pack
How to edit large helmets
How to create animated GIFs
--==\ Links /==--
TecmoBowl.org (Old Repository Forum)
Bad Al's Preservation Git

--==\ Programming Apps /==--
Tile Editor
IPS Patches & Software
HxD Hex Editor (site)
Tile Layer Pro
--==\ Leagues, Tourneys and Community /==--
Discord (community)
Tecmo Players Circuit (inactive)


--==\ Other /==--
Nintendo Power featured article
Tecmo Super Bowl Ringtones
Retro Zone
Tecmo Super Bowl Audio files
Tecmo Super Bowl Fonts
Picture of Tecmo Stadium (1024 x 768)
Mort’s Tecmo College
TSB Prototype Info


--==\ Other Editors - Utilities - Players /==--
Tecmo Draft (28-team roms only)
Tecmo Draft (32-team roms only)
TSB Ultra

--==\ Contact - Suggestions Welcome /==--

Have a cool Tecmo Super Bowl rom that you don't see in the collection? You want it included? Email me.